• All members must have their own key and carry their Club l.D. Card on them.
  • Gate must be kept closed and locked when leaving property.
  • Gate key cannot be loaned to friends and non-club members.
  • All trash must be taken out with members when they leave.
  • Guests and members must register at Club House when on the property.
  • All pets must be licensed and kept on leash (TIED) and not permitted to bother other members.
  • All pet’s “MESS” must be disposed of properly.
  • Weapons may only be discharged on the range. This includes air guns of all kinds. All shooters using the range must sign the range log book.
  • Fires permitted only in designated fire rings, camp stoves, barbecues and gas grills.
  • Members are responsible for their guests conduct while on club grounds.
  • All members and guests must control their language AND conduct.
  • No guests at property without sponsoring member.
  • Camping at the property is allowed for two (2) weeks at any one time. You may stay up to thirty(30) days maximum with Board approval.
  • No shooting at night unless it is a club sponsored activity.
  • All vehicles in camp – 5 MPH MAX (including off road vehicles).
  • All ORV’S operated on club property must stay on existing trails and roads. No ORV’S south of the Generator House.
  • Club generator is for club activities ONLY. (Exceptions must be discussed with caretaker).
  • Private generators can be used ONLY between 8 AM and 10 PM.
  • No firewood to be taken from club property for personal use at another location.
  • No killing of game animals, birds or domestic animals on club property.
  • Electric outlets are for battery charges only.
  • No dumping of sewage on club property.
  • No excessive noise before 8 AM or after 10 PM.
  • Members using the Club House are responsible for cleaning it after use.
  • No alcohol consumption on range.
  • Side arms shall not be worn on the property during non-shooting events open to the general public without permission of the Board
  • All trailers must be kept in moveable condition.
  • All trailers must be kept in designated storage spots unless being used at least one weekend a month; trailers left unused or unattended for more than one month can be moved to storage by order of the Board of Officers.
  • Trailers left in storage on Club Property and unused for six months MUST be removed from Club Property. All trailers left on Club Property are to pay a monthly fee of $20.00.
  • Notices of violations of trailer rules to be mailed to owner on vote of Board of Officers. Action to remove will be taken if letter from Board of Officers is not responded to within 30 days.
  • All members are expected to report violation of rules to club officers. Action on club rule violators will be taken by the Board of Officers.
  • Trailers which are left at the property must be parked in a manner which provides the best utilization of space.
  • All trailers to be currently licensed and registered per California State law.
  • Members are required to maintain a clean appearance around their trailer, with their personal equipment in a neat and orderly manner, and keeping the fire hazard down by cleaning up dry vegetation and trash.
  • No smoking in the Club House or Restrooms during events open to the general public.

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