The Lakeside Sportsmans Club is located approximately 65 miles East of San Diego and  South of Boulevard about 8 miles  by 4 miles of paved road and 4 miles by dirt road in the far East corner of San Diego County on the US/Mexico International Border. It comprises approximately 100 acres of property at Latitude North 32 degrees 36.595 minutes, Longitude West 116 degrees 14.698 minutes. The climate is considered a high mountain desert environment, very hot in the summer and very cool in the winter at an approximate altitude of 3086 feet.

        It was established in 1953 as a sporting incorporation supporting the outdoor activities of shooting, camping and fishing. The first location was near the Gillespie Airport in El Cajon, CA where it shared the facilities of an aircraft industry manufacturer. It later relocated in the late fifties to leased property near Descanso/ Guatay in Eastern San Diego County. Finally, when their lease was in jeopardy, they purchased the property at it’s current location.

The property was totally unimproved and required the construction of the access road. Over the years, the property was slowly developed by building a clubhouse with kitchen, restrooms, pool table and seating for over 100 people. Next to the Clubhouse is a cabin for the caretaker for the property and adjacent to it us a restroom/shower building with a washer and dryer for the caretaker. There is a deep well with an 8,000 gallon storage tank and a 12,000 gallon water tank which was later added.

They constructed an ATA trap range with two trap houses, one range with lighting for the occasional night shoot. A 100 yard rifle/yard pistol range for monthly competitive shoots and three horse shoe pits.  An 8000 square foot tractor storage building was built in the 1990’s and there is a 12KW diesel generator for providing power and pumping water for club events.

A 5 acre reservoir was constructed in 1970 to control water runoff from Mexico that supported small fish until a leak in the liner developed. The campground can support about 25 trailers with power for charging batteries and water hookups. The property is dotted with many pine, sycamore, poplar and willow trees. There is Boundary creek on the North side and the creek from Mexico from the South combining on the East side flowing to the East when the water is running.

Wildlife in the area are deer, coyotes, quail, bobcats, wild turkey, rabbits, ground squirrels, badgers and the occasional mountain lion. Other “wildlife” can include roaming Mexican cattle!


  1. Your history is a little off.

    Club creation in the 50s as you say . I do not know what property was associated with the club at that time .

    Somewhere in at least 1963 and possibly prior the LSC leased a property we called Eagles Peak in somewhat the Julian area. I have unsuccessfully tried to Google Eagles Peak location.

    In the mid sixties Trap grounds / rifle / pistol ranges were created in Santee near the gravel / sand pits and old drive in .

    The club leased land in Descanso somewhere mid 60s and for a short time operated the Descanso property that had trap houses and camping at a pond in conjunction with shoots at Santee.

    Once the Descanso property lease expired (and the Santee lease had lapsed ) the LSC around 1970 bought and developed the Campo property .

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