CA Assembly Bill AB3067
Residential property insurance: firearms
Executive Summary: Californians will be required to annually disclose how many firearms are in the home, the location of the firearms, and if they are locked.
Question: If you are found to have reported an inaccurate number, location, or locked condition of a firearm; can an insurance claim be denied – even if it has nothing to do with firearms?

February 16, 2024
Introduced by Assembly Member Gipson (California Assembly District 65 – Tel: (310) 324-6408 – 879 W. 190th Street Suite #920
Gardena, CA 90248), principal coauthor: Senator Blakespear (California Senate District 38 – Tel: (949) 598-5850 – 24031 El Toro Road, Suite 201A
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

An act to add Section 2086 to the Insurance Code, relating to insurance.
AB 3067, as introduced, Gipson. Residential property insurance: firearms.
Existing law generally regulates residential property insurance, including homeowners’ insurance and renters’ insurance.
Existing law generally regulates the manufacture, distribution, transportation, and importation of specified firearms. Existing law requires persons who obtain firearms to have familiarity with those firearms, including the safe handling and storage of firearms. Existing law requires a purchaser or receiver of a firearm to hold a valid firearm safety certificate.
This bill would require an insurer, by January 1, 2026, to include questions on an application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance seeking specified information regarding the presence and storage of any firearms kept in the household, accessory structures, or vehicles kept on the property subject to any applicable insurance policy. The bill would require an insurer to annually report this information to the Department of Insurance and the Legislature beginning on January 1, 2027, and would prohibit the inclusion of confidential identifying information in the report.
Bill Text

Section 2086 is added to the Insurance Code, to read:
(a) In addition to existing regulations, an application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance shall include questions regarding all of the following:
(1) Whether there are firearms kept in the household, including in any accessory structures, and if so, how many.
(2) Whether the firearm, if any, is stored in a locked container in the home, including any accessory structures, while not in use.
(3) The number of firearms kept in a vehicle located on the property subject to the applicable insurance policy, and if any, whether they are stored securely in a locked container while not in use.
(b) An insurer shall update the contents of their applications for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance to include the questions regarding the presence, storage, and number of firearms by January 1, 2026.
(c) An insurer shall annually report the information gathered from the questions regarding the presence, storage, and number of firearms to the Department of Insurance and the Legislature beginning on January 1, 2027. The report shall not contain any identifying information contained in a consumer’s application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, including, but not limited to, names, addresses, and telephone numbers, which shall remain confidential.
(d) For the purposes of this section, “locked container” has the same meaning as in Section 16850 of the Penal Code.

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