History: The first Lakeside Sportsmans club Big Bore shoot was on July, X 1975

Start Time: 24JUL23 08:00

Cost: $10/Rifle Used

Rules: Centerfire rifle with caliber large than X. 15 Shots, first 5 standing, remaining 10 from any safe position, without aid from stabilizing devices.

The Big bore Rifle Shoot was held on July 23rd at 8:00 AM. It turned out
to be much cooler than Saturday was because we were rained on several times which took the edge
off the competitors.

1st place Barney Olson
2nd Ron Baker
3rd Joe Dotson

1st place BARNEY OLSON
2nd place Phil Lison
3rd Joe Keivit

Lakeside Sportsmans Club (LSC) Big Bore 2023 – Heard he’s got a crack shot
Lakeside Sportsmans Club (LSC) BIG BORE Image 3
BIG BORE IMG 3 Lakeside Sportsmans Club (LSC)

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