Lakeside Sportsmans Club Trap Shooting

A summarized history of trap shooting:

Trapshooting originated in 18th century England as a sport where shooters aimed at live pigeons released from traps. It evolved in the U.S. to use clay targets thrown from a machine that mimics the unpredictable flight of live birds.

There are three main trapshooting events today: Singles (100-200 targets from 16 yards), Handicap (100 targets, distances 19-27 yards based on skill level), and Doubles (16 yards, two targets at once). Shooters compete in classes based on their recorded skill level.

The Grand American World Trap Championships began in 1900, became the largest participatory sporting event worldwide, and now is hosted at a massive facility with over 100 fields in Sparta, Illinois. Famous personalities like Annie Oakley, “Plinky” Topperwein, and John Philip Sousa have competed.

Trap guns are highly specialized 12 gauges built for long days shooting hundreds of rounds. Popular features include super-ventilated ribs, recoil reduction, and fully adjustable stocks. While single barrel designs used to dominate, auto-loaders are now also common for their gas operation that decreases felt recoil

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